Vamos a la playa. Palma de Mallorca.

A trip to an island that combines both the sea and the mountains.

Palma is a city on an island called Majorca (Mallorca for Spanish) and is part of the Ballearic islands in Spain, but im sure information like this is easily found all over the web, so I m just going to share with you my experience, that took place in September 2014.

If for you Palma is associated with Magaluf and all those crazy partying out at night, then you are for sure reading the wrong blog. For me Palma is way different... I have to admit that I underrated the size of Mallorca, and the few days we spent there were definetely not enough.

Using a site called airbnb, we stayed at a local's place - a cozy apartment with a marvelous view of the sea, which i personally had missed so much. Our room was all white and simple, through the window i could hear voices speaking Spanish, children playing, the balm-crickets' sound, soft wind, sometimes just silence. Everything surrounding me, gave me a feeling of peace and tranquility, it all took me back to childhood.

Of course on the first day we went for a swim, the water was clear and a beautiful shade of blue. Ate traditional dinner paella with seafood and drunk sangria.

The next few days we had left, which turned out to be too little to explore all of the island, we visited the La Seu - the major Cathedral, very Gothic and beautiful. We walked around the center, admired the architecture of the houses.

Took swims at beautiful beaches, very lonesome, which was great. Be aware of the fish that bite! Although, the water is clear, i swear i was bitten. Oleg didnt believe me at first, but the light rash on my hand was proof. Plus, he was bitten few minutes later, which left no doubts.

During our visit to Majorca we decided to rent a bike, a mint Vespa tobe exact, and drive to a city, that became home to Chopin and George Sant - Valldemossa. A very pittoresque, tiny city. I enjoyed the ride a lot, the scenery changed from mountains to seashore, from breezy wind to hot sun, from the smell of pines to the smell of sea salt, and us on the bike... him driving, me in my huge helmet, looking at my sun-kissed shoulders in the tiny Vespa mirror.

During the last day we decided to visit a beach further, we wanted to go to Santanyi, but ended up close by at a very rocky beach. Nevertheless, the water was warm and clear as always, there were lots of waves but we got used to them during the previous days.

The trip ended with a night at the beach at Cas Catala, the place where we lived. A night with a bottle of Spanish wine, the stars, the sound of the waves and us... looking forward to Madrid.

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