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Devon House


Памятник / Достопримечательность

26 Hope Rd.

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A little history and little ice cream. Try a Sunday evening picnic with the family

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Emancipation Park



Knutsford Blvd.

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We are here on the #HelpJaChildren March & Rally. So proud to be part of this movement, Shatter The Silence against abused children has Officially been launched. Look for it next May, great happenings

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New Kingston



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Don't give the homeless dudes $, offer them a patty & if they start cuss you'll know what it is!!!!

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Bob Marley Museum


Музей искусств

56 Hope Road

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Discover the legend and spirit of Bob Marley.Visit the museum which has the largest collection of Marley memorabilia and a great place to visit for an introduction into the history of reggae music.

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Hellshire Beach




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Always check the current before you dive in and check the sandscape lol yea...how the sand is moving with the water current.....because you dnt want to slip and slide away with the waves.

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Downtown Kingston


Прочие места на свежем воздухе


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Its a good place at times just know the place always busy and watch ur stuff... And bargains galore

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